“Boarding Customers Who Need Assistance, and Customers Who Are Dying And Afraid”: Louie Season 5 Review.

In 2014 Louie went from a show which cared not a jot about structure or storytelling to delivering what were essentially three sprawling TV movies; ‘The Elevator’, ‘Into The Woods’ and ‘Pamela’ – which were existential, dense and often rather sombre tales. It’s easy sometimes to forget that Louie is a sitcom. CK stated though that this year he wanted to back away from such scary continuity and return to the old vignettes, and to the comedy. When it came out that we only even got a series this year because the comedian got high one night and called FX’s head honcho demanding to bring it forward, a decision he regretted the following day, it seemed we really were going back to a show that was ready to play fast and loose with its very being again. That wasn’t quite the case though.

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Ryan Gosling Shoots For Freedom: Lost River Film Review

If you’ve heard of Lost River then you already know not to see it. Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut has been the subject of much ridicule and barely-concealed smirks. It was booed by everyone at Cannes supposedly. That doesn’t mean much; they boo anything at Cannes. Cannes would boo your wedding video. But it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and from there the streams of one star reviews came flooding in, followed shortly by the humiliating ordeal of Universal trying to sell off the rights to the film within days, resulting in a cinematic release in just two US cities. Yet if you were to bother digging it out from video on demand services, where Lost River saw its only wide release; you’d discover it’s nowhere near as bad as you’ve heard.

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