No More Horsin’ Around: Bojack Horseman Season Two Review.

Long gone are the days when a new Netflix show was an event. The bold new network drops something every other week now, and the misses amongst the hits matter much less. Bojack Horseman is absolutely a hit though; a cartoon about a talking horse which manages to be both the funniest comedy out right now, and a show so deeply existential it’s more of a spiritual successor to Mad Men than any series that’s debuted since its end.

It’s worth taking a moment to note the shows assets for a second, because they’re easily forgotten. It has Will Arnett, Alison Brie and Aaron Paul as the three leads, which might be the most impressive line-up in TV comedy today. Oh, and it’s a show about a washed up celebrity talking horse and it doesn’t even suck. In fact, it’s pretty damn good.

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