Album Review: Maze and Lindholm – A River Flowing Home to the Sea

It’s hard to comprehend that one of the creators of this patient and meditative release is also half of the bombastic noise and techno duo Orphan Swords, but that’s who P.Maze is; working for the second time with Brussels-based composer and double-bass player Otto Lindholm. Together they  released 2018’s Where The Wolf Has Been Seen, an enigmatic record torn between ambience and urban anxiety. 

The sounds of that LP evoked the city, and it’s no surprise, recorded as it was in a 12 meter-square room in the middle of one, and likewise their second album reflects where it too was made, in the an “old house in the countryside… with a large window overlooking the trees”. The resultant music peruses just half of the Where The Wolf…’s multitudes, committing itself to slowly unravelling ambience completely…  Continue reading “Album Review: Maze and Lindholm – A River Flowing Home to the Sea”